S’mores Hot Chocolate

YIELD: 2 beverages


2 tbsp. Marshmallow Crème

2 Graham Crackers

1/2 Chocolate Bar, dairy-free

2 env. (1.23 oz. ea.) Swiss Miss® Non-Dairy Hot Cocoa Mix

1 c. Water

Reddi-wip® Non-Dairy Whipped Topping made with Almond Milk


  1. Crush 1 graham cracker in small resealable bag. Place crumbs on a small plate. Place 2 tbsp. marshmallow crème on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave 10 seconds; stir. Dip rim of mug into marshmallow crème, then into graham cracker crumbs until they adhere. Set aside.
  2. Center chocolate on one graham cracker half. Place remaining graham cracker half on cookie sheet; top with marshmallow. On middle oven rack, broil 30 seconds or until marshmallow is just golden brown. Immediately invert onto graham cracker topped with chocolate; press down gently to build your s’more.
  3. Empty hot cocoa mix into mug. Pour in hot water or milk and stir until dissolved. Balance s’more on the edge of mug and top with Reddi-wip.