Crème de Menthe Fountain & Shake Syrup

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This easy-to-use Crème de Menthe syrup features a distinctive green color and appealing mint flavor, making this syrup ideal for creating signature menu applications or combining with other flavors – especially chocolate! Containing no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors, our Crème de Menthe syrup adds a frosty pop of pleasant mint to your menu any time of year.

Need some menu inspiration?

Try one of these delectable recipes featuring Crème de Menthe:​

Try these tempting transformations! 

  • Mix Crème de Menthe with our Chocolate Fudge to enhance any dessert
  • Drizzle over coffee for a minty delight
  • Add Crème de Menthe and Liquid Malt Syrups to Vanilla Shake Base for a minty & malty special