Chocolate Soda

Old Fashioned Egg Cream

YIELD: 1 beverage


1 tbsp. J. Hungerford Smith® Chocolate Waffle Cone
& Enrober Coating
, prepared

½ c. half & half or whole milk

8 oz. (approx.) plain seltzer

4 tbsp. J. Hungerford Smith® Fulflavor® ChocolateFountain
& Shake Syrup
 (2700022890 or 2700022800)


  1. Dip rim of 12-oz. glass into prepared Chocolate Enrober to coat as desired. Chill to set.
  2. Pour half & half or milk into chilled glass. Slowly pourin seltzer, then gently add syrup. Using a long spoon,stir well and serve.