J. Hungerford Smith –
A Sweet Success Story

The J. Hungerford Smith® brand represents a rich heritage of superior products and steadfast dependability. Ever since J. Hungerford Smith invented fountain syrups in 1879 as a pharmacist searching for better ingredients for ice cream sodas and sundaes, our devotion to exceptional product quality has been unwavering.

In the early days, luminaries like Grover Cleveland and P.T. Barnum indulged in Smith’s crowd-pleasing creations. Today, J. Hungerford Smith® is still the innovator of sweet menu enhancers that bring excitement to your menu, enrichment to your bottom line, and joy to your patrons. Foodservice establishments across the country rely on us for a complete line of fudges, toppings, coatings, beverage flavorings, and more.

Reddi-wip – An Instant Sensation

The story of Reddi-wip® begins in 1948 with Aaron “Bunny” Lapin, an entrepreneur from St. Louis, Missouri. Back then, whipping cream was delivered door-to-door by milkmen and it tended to spoil quickly. Bunny had a better idea – put farm-fresh whipped cream in sealed aerosol cans, already whipped and dispensed with a fingertip!

Needless to say, Reddi-wip® was an instant hit, and distribution quickly expanded throughout the United States. In 1951, already a millionaire, Bunny was crowned the “Whipped Cream King” by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. Today, one out of every two cans of aerosol topping consumed in the U.S. is Reddi-wip®.

From our original line of time-tested favorites to our non-dairy varieties and Barista series flavors, Reddi-wip® can’t be topped. It’s a joyful way to bring a smile to your customers every day!

Swiss Miss – America's Favorite Hot Cocoa

Swiss Miss® was introduced in 1961 as the first powdered hot cocoa that could be reconstituted with water. It was the brainchild of Charles Sanna, a mechanical engineer who experimented over his family stove in Menomonie, Wisconsin. This experimentation resulted in a patented process for making instantly soluble nonfat dry milk.

The product was originally named Brown Swiss after the cattle breed native to Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, it was renamed Swiss Miss®, evoking a rich and convenient mixture of pure cocoa and real dairy powdered milk. Instant popularity was achieved!

Today, we support more than 45 local dairy farms that supply us with farm-fresh milk every day, and we package all of our products here in the USA. So when your customers pour a cup of Swiss Miss®, they’re getting a Taste of Real in every wholesome sip.