Spectacular Sundaes

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Easy Enhancements

Layer ice cream with Chocolate & Caramel Fudge; sprinkle with pretzels & peanuts for a party favorite.

Create a rocky road sundae with chocolate ice cream, Marshmallow Topping, Fulflavor® Chocolate Syrup, & nuts.

Serve Premium Caramel Topping & Mellocream over vanilla ice cream & top with buttery toffee bits & Reddi-wip for a decadent treat.

Make a fluffernutter special with Marshmallow & Peanut Butter Toppings.

Over-the-Top Cakes & Brownies

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Easy Enhancements

Layer Chocolate Fudge in shot glasses with pound cake, brownie, or custard for mini dessert flights.

Heat & drizzle Caramel Fudge over bread pudding; serve with ice cream.

Smother warm carrot cake & vanilla ice cream with warm Caramel Fudge.

Top toasted pound cake squares with vanilla ice cream, Chocolate Fudge, & sliced bananas.

Make a royal red velvet cake: top with Concentrated Marshmallow Topping & sprinkle with nuts.

Drape black forest cake with Cherry Topping for extra razzle-dazzle.

Top a mini chocolate cake with Pineapple & Raspberry Toppings, then drizzle with Butterscotch.                                    

Spread Cold Fudge over a mini chocolate Bundt cake & serve with vanilla ice cream. Add Raspberry Topping to finish.

Three Cheers for Cheesecake

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Waffleicious Anytime

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Shake ‘em Up!

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Easy Enhancements

Blend Walnut Sundae Topping with chocolate ice cream & Marshmallow Topping for an awesome rocky road trip.

Blend Pineapple Topping with vanilla shake base, Banana Syrup & Sliced Strawberry Topping for a Caribbean craze.

Make a S’mores shake with Marshmallow Topping, Fulflavor Chocolate Syrup, & crumbled graham crackers mixed into vanilla shake base.

Fix a fluffernutter shake - mix Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Toppings with shake base.

Make a black forest shake with equal parts Cherry & Fulflavor® Chocolate Fountain & Shake Syrup blended with vanilla ice cream.

Blend Strawberry Syrup with vanilla shake base & add chunks of chocolate for a real crowd pleaser.

Create a lemon frost milkshake by blending Vanilla Syrup with frozen pink lemonade & vanilla ice cream.

Make a strawberry shortcake shake: blend Strawberry Syrup with vanilla shake base, chunks of pound cake, & Sliced Strawberry Topping.

For a minty & malty St. Patrick’s Day special, add Liquid Malt Syrup to vanilla shake base & Crème de Menthe Syrup.

For a mocha shake, mix Freeflo Chocolate Shake Base with coffee ice cream & milk.

Sweet Smoothies

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Easy Enhancements

Blend Banana Syrup with Peanut Butter Topping, yogurt, chunks of apple slices, & chocolate chips for a chocolate, peanut butter & banana smoothie.

Cone Crowning Achievements

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Easy Enhancements

Freeze peeled bananas & dip in Chocolate or Birthday Cake Confetti Cone Coating for a super banana split.

Make a crunchy, craveable shake – top off milkshakes with a ladle of your favorite flavor & allow to harden.

Dip frozen cheesecake bites for a colorful, crunchy coating.

More Tempting Transformations 


Rise to the occasion with a custom-made profiterole: fill cream puff pastry with gelato & top with Mellocream.

Make a freezin’ pizza dessert: top a large chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream & Chocolate Fudge. Finish with Reddi-wip & sprinkles.

Serve a classic, comforting apple pie à la mode with warm Caramel and Reddi-wip.

Create a S’more bowl: serve warm Milk Chocolate Fudge with mini marshmallows, graham cracker sticks, & strawberries for dipping.

For a cool coffee treat, blend Mellocream with iced black coffee, milk, & a touch of vanilla extract.

Make a refreshing granita: blend lemon juice & ginger ale with Sliced Strawberry Topping & freeze.

Serve Pineapple & Raspberry Toppings over key lime pie for a sweet-tart flavor blast.

Flow Caramel Topping over flan to enhance this authentic Mexican dessert.

Slice banana bread & top with fresh bananas, vanilla ice cream & Butterscotch Topping.

Create a classic parfait: layer Peanut Butter Topping with vanilla ice cream & Chocolate Fudge; top with Reddi-wip.

Swirl any Fruit Topping with soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt to easily expand your flavor options.

Infuse sponge cake, Bundt cake or pound cake with Salted Caramel Syrup to make buildable dessert base.

Mix Crème de Menthe Syrup with your favorite Chocolate Fudge to enhance any chocolate dessert.

Build a mini ice cream cake: Cut off top of cupcake, then top cupcake bottom with ice cream & Cold Fudge. Replace cupcake top & ice with more Cold Fudge.

Dip biscotti or shortbread cookies in Chocolate Enrober & offer as a decadent accompaniment to coffee or espresso.

Have some squeezable fun: serve Caramel & Chocolate portion packs with kids’ desserts so they can help create their own treats.

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