Chocolate Waffle Cone & Enrober Coating

  • Smooth with no grainy texture to consistently enrobe a variety of products

  • Designed to be heated for dipping – sets within minutes at room temperature

  • Excellent for flowing chocolate fountains too

Birthday Cake Confetti Cone Coating

  • Popular flavor at festive parties with colored confetti pieces for a super-fun treat

  • Developed especially for frozen products – hardens in moments

  • Consistent coating so a second dip is not required, reducing food cost


Cone coatings are also available in classic Chocolate, vibrant Cherry and sweet Butterscotch.

Cone & Enrober Coatings

J. Hungerford Smith® cone and enrober coatings are a must-have for ice cream parlors and an opportunity to add specialty dessert items for midscale and high-end restaurants alike. Instantly cover any frozen treat in one of our cone coatings, or dip cookies, cheesecake bites, strawberries, and more in our enrober.

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